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What is 'ka-'?

The awesome prefix of solidarity

Ka-tulad/ Ka-ibigan/ Ka-ramay/ atbp...

In the Filipino Language, when the prefix 'Ka-' is affixed to a word, it has the ability to signify solidarity and oneness. Simple, yet a powerful prefix, isn't it?

So who ever you are, wherever you are from, you somehow get connected with someone with the help of this prefix. Blood relative? ka-maganak. Came from the same town? Ka-babayan. Same? Ka-tulad. And the list goes on.

Deepak Bhagya

We're all knotted together

..in certain ways

When you battle something personal and seem invisible to others, it can make you feel that you are alone. People struggling with mental health issues often feel isolated, judged, and unwanted. We can change this. Let us all go back to our roots: the fact that we are NEVER really alone. We are ALWAYS connected to each other.

What We Do

ka- advocacy

The Battle Plan

For every purchase from our collection, we give an empowerment bracelet to someone in need of hope, not limited to those with mental health issues.


We may not exactly offer a solution to their problems. However, by showing them our love and solidarity, we can atleast tell them that they do not have to go through this alone. Afterall, aren't we all interconnected one way or the other?

Who we reach for

According to DOH NCMH, as of 2015, there were 8,236 reported cases of mental health issues. This figure is far from the real number. This does not even include those who suffer from panic attacks, anxiety disorders, depressive proneness and so much more. Some are our families, some are friends.

Gifts of Hope

Promoting solidarity through words of hope and love


band of inspiration (thin) - 250Php

Band of Inspiration (1/8" thin)

Message can be personalized with maximum of 20 characters

250 Php

Band of Inspiration (thick) - 300Php

Band of Inspiration (1/4" thick)

Message can be personalized with maximum of 20 characters


Puzzle knot - 100Php

Puzzle Knot
(Autism Awareness)


Semicolon Knot - 100 Php

Semicolon Knot
(suicide awareness campaign)

100 Php

Knot of Hope -100Php

Knot of Hope

Let go: let God - 250Php

Name: I am the daughter of the king

Price: 250 Php
*exclusive of Shipping fee

Daughter of the King - 250Php

Name: I am the daughter of the king

Price: 250 Php
*exclusive of Shipping fee


Hope Anchors the Soul - 250Php

Name: Hope Anchors the Soul

Price: 250 Php
*exclusive of Shipping fee


Ora et Labora - 250Php

Name: Ora et Labora

Price: 250 Php
*exclusive of Shipping fee


True Love Waits - 250Php

Name: True love waits

Price: 250 Php
*exclusive of Shipping fee


Questions and Concerns?

Trust issues

We understand that anonymity brews doubts. The goal of this advocacy is beyond our personal gains. We rely soley that you partner with us in GOOD FAITH.

Shipping and cost

The price of the bracelets exclude the shipping cost to keep it low. Shipping cost will be shouldered by the buyer. Sorry about that.

Gift Bracelet

As promised, for every purchase, we will give one "knots of hope" bracelet to someone in need of support. Anonymously.

Personalized message

You can choose from our empowerment messages. However, if you rather use your own message, we will engrave it for you! Max of 10 characters.

How to Order

You may send us an order form. Kindly make sure to fill up all the details being asked for hassle free shopping.


We cannot emphasize this enough: our goal is beyond us. We'd like to get knotted with as much people as possible. Come! Let's work together!

Talk to us

We can't do this alone. Let's work together.

Where we are

Manila, Philippines